Awareness about the harmful effects of junk food increases as more people realize the importance of a healthy diet intake. This article is going to peel the facts and information about the junk food so that can we understand it better.

junk food dangers

What’s Junk Food?

Foods that contain little nutritional value and has a high content of hazardous materials commonly referred to as junk food. The term ‘junk food’ coined by Michael Jacobson in 1972.

Fast food (fast food) is considered as junk food because it has harmful effects on health. You will be surprised to know the amount of sugar and other harmful ingredients that are consumed by junk food.

Excessive sugar and the accompanying obesity is just one of the negative aspects of the consumption of junk food.

Facts about Junk Food

Here are the facts and information about the junk food:

  1. Junk food is known to have high sugar content. A can of cola drinks contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. That’s because, people who are trying to lose weight should think twice before sipping cola. Other foods that contain high amounts of sugar are including chocolates, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  1. Junk food tends to contain minerals and vitamins in low quantities, while laden with calories.
  2. The content of oxycholesterol too high in junk food. Oxycholesterol is one type of high cholesterol intake can increase the chances of heart attacks.
  3. Sugar is not used by the body will be converted into fat. This fact makes people who consume junk food regularly at risk of overweight.
  4. Number of flavorings and artificial sweeteners that are used in junk food are being sold to children doubled in comparison to the food for adults. This can cause harmful effects on children.
  5. Dyes and flavorings are present in junk food responsible for causing rashes, asthma and other problems such as hyperactivity.
  6. In the United States, approximately 12.5 million children are overweight. Consumption of junk food is one of the main causes behind this case.
  7. A variety of foods such as chips, cookies, candies, muffins, fried foods, etc., contain high amounts of hydrogenated oils and fats.

Trans-fats or hydrogenated oils do not have any function in the body and can even have negative consequences for health.

  1. The amount of excess salt is present in junk food like chips and pretzels cause increased percentage of sodium in the body. High amount of sodium in the body will cause an increase in blood pressure.
  2. The profit margin which is obtained by soft drink companies is estimated at 97%. Thus, it may be for them to do the advertising in a massive and massively.
  3. Consumption of junk responsible for health problems such as tooth decay, various types of cancer and many other diseases, apart from cardiovascular disease, obesity and high blood pressure.
  4. Fat is present in junk food causes the brain to demand more food. This effect can occur in the brain in the long term.
  5. Aggressive marketing of junk food products is the main reason many people turn to these products as well as consume it regularly.
  6. Excessive sugar contained in junk foods causes insulin levels remain high, thereby triggering metabolic problems.